Intimate yet elegant spring wedding

27. June 2020

Em & Scott’s wedding at Renaissance Esmeralda Resort in Indiana Wells California was a one-of-a-kind celebration of love you won’t forget. Surrounded by palm trees, mountains and sunny greenery this intimate yet elegant spring wedding will stay within the heart and mind for a long time.


Em and Scott met at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s event a couple years ago and it comes with no surprise that they tied the knot on a Monday right after this year’s weekend long Joe Dispenza Retreat in Indiana Wells. It was an wedding with friendship’s made during the Joe Dispenza Retreat and close friends. A picture with heartfelt emotions.


The gorgeous bride wore a stunning white lace gown with beautiful golden ornaments and a blue butterfly hair clip. The groom opted for a light blue and white look with jacket, jeans and occasionally sunglasses.


The day started in the bride’s room where hair and make-up were done. Em was surrounded by her bridesmaids getting ready, enjoying the warm sunshine on the balcony and having red wine to start off celebration of love. They were picked up with a golf cart heading to the sunny greenery where groom Scott and friends were already waiting.

Friends formed a circle holding each other hands around the couple while they exchanged their wedding vows and rings.

It was a beautiful moment of hugs, kisses and cheerful laughter, but also tears of happiness, I wish you were there to see.


During sunset Em & Scott went for a lakeside promenade within the resort overlooking palm trees and flowery small hills where they run downhill holding each other’s hand and smiling lovely and lively, you could feel the happiness yourself. Their celebration continued indoor where their friends stood up to the microphone and saluted the newlyweds with outpouring of love and happiness wishes. It was a very touching moment for the happy couple, ending the day with a dance on a beautiful note.