I’m Ronny and with my team we are here to capture your wedding day for eternity.We are your wedding photographers for authentic and natural wedding reportage.“



“Wedding photography is my passion, which I have been living out for over 10 years. Already at school I began to engage myself with photography, at that time still with analogue black and white photography.

Wedding photography is a very advanced photography. You have only one chance to capture all the moments and emotions, you can feel the excitement and tension in the air and you have to photograph very foresighted, so you don’t miss an important moment.”


“For me, photography is like time pausing – filled with pure emotions and impressions. For over 7 years I have been accompanying bridal couples on the most beautiful day of their lives. To capture all the emotions, love and passion at the right moment in a natural way is my passion”.


“As a free spirit, I love to travel as much as I love working with people. That’s why my work in the field of photography has been very fulfilling for me since 2016. Especially wedding photography with all its facets has been indescribably fascinating to me, as it gives me the opportunity to get very close to people with their strongest emotions. To capture these emotions is a great challenge and a great love at the same time.”


“I have been a wedding photographer for more than 10 years and I love to capture the personalities of people authentically and naturally in the photos. Especially at weddings I like to photograph the bridal couples in a way that the pictures reflect them as a person and as a couple. Photos that are full of love, joy, passion and authenticity.”


“Filming weddings is always an exciting and emotional journey for me. Capturing natural emotions to the point, being in the right place at the right time to immortalize the perfect scene – this is a must for me and my passion for more than 10 years now. The perfect film for the perfect day.”


I am Nhung and I am the bridge between the bridal couples and the photographers. From the initial contact to the handover to the photographer, I make sure that no questions remain unanswered and that you can simply enjoy your wedding day and we capture your most beautiful and emotional moments.”